Sprachprojektwoche in Dublin

Sprachwoche der 6. Klassen in Dublin im September 2023

What happens if you put great teachers, a foreign country, the English language, and a bunch of students together? Of course, this year’s sixth forms’ language trip to Dublin.

On Saturday we departed on our long journey abroad. For some of us it was even the first flight ever, which was acknowledged and “celebrated” with a tray of Lufthansa souvenirs by the chief flight attendant. When we finally arrived in the city of Dublin, it was time for something we all were quite nervous about, namely meeting our host families. They were all waiting for us when we arrived, and one pair after the other went off to be taken to their new homes. Our host parents then showed us our rooms and we all had some fun chatting at dinner on our first evening.

On the next day we had our first lesson at the language school Babel Academy, where we would spend half a day each day of the following week. And to be honest, it was a unique experience as we got the chance to improve our English-speaking skills through exercises like doing a street survey, holding speeches, or reenacting one of Shakespeare’s plays.

Besides the language lessons, we also had some fun trips and experiences along the way. We, for example, got a shot at trying some of the Gaelic Games, like Irish football and Hurling. I have to admit we might have looked a bit silly chasing a tiny ball with some axe-shaped sticks but in the end, it turned out to be quite funny. Another highlight we had on our trip was a cliff walk on the peninsula Howth. It was one of the most fascinating and amazing places I have ever been to. We even got lucky enough to see a furry white baby seal on the beach. Another great activity we did was going to the theatre to see a thrilling play by Agatha Christie.

But if I had to choose one real highlight, I would say it was all the little things. Meeting my classmates at a donut shop, singing Irish folk songs together in a pub or laughing about a very silly ice-cream ad on a bus. All these daily experiences made this a wonderful journey.

But here I must leave you, because school started again, and I have some English vocabulary to learn.

Max Fischer, 6a


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