Jamie Oliver´s Super Food at the Petrinum!

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What is even more enjoyable than talking about food in class? - Being given the opportunity to try out what you have learnt about a healthy diet! 

This is exactly what we did as part of our English WPG class. On the basis of two recipes by Jamie Oliver (source: DVD Super Food) we transformed our regular classes into an amazing cooking experience. After having done the preparations we finally started to apply our cooking skills in our own school kitchen. 

The first recipe was a “Veggie-Tofu-Burger”. At the beginning we had all been quite sceptical to cook a burger without any minced meat but with tofu and homemade tomato sauce instead. However, it turned out to be a really tasty success! 

As a dessert we created a traditional British dish which is commonly known as “Eggy Bread”. Since this recipe is also part of Jamie Oliver’s “Super Food” series we only used healthy and fresh ingredients, like bananas, a variety of berries, free-range eggs and wholemeal bread. The result was not only exceedingly delicious and rich in vitamins, but also low in saturated fats and sugar. 

Even though we were confronted with a time limit of 2 lessons, we managed to create healthy and delicious dishes. This indicates that cooking with nutritious and fresh ingredients does not require a lot of time and is a really rewarding experience. In order to give you the chance to try out Super Foodyourself, you can find the recipes in the pics

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Flora, Lena, Marie, Moritz, Natalie (all 6AB) and our “cooking instructor” Mrs. Bernscher


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