Englischsprachwoche Cambridge, 27.9.-4.10.2016

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Team: 42 Schüler/innen der 6a & 6b mit Mag. Ida Dehmer, Mag. Erich Hackl-Lehner, Mag. Elisabeth Schweiger

Projektbetreuer Mag. Ida Dehmer, Mag. Erich Hackl-Lehner, Mag. Elisabeth Schweiger
Mitwirkende 42 Schüler/innen der 6a & 6b

Sprach- & Kulturkurs im Herzen Englands

After just two weeks of school 42 Austrian teenies headed towards England to spend a week of studying the English and their language in their natural habitat, taking the risk of ending up in terribly cool and misty autumn weather. However, obviously according to the saying of angels travelling, Cambridgeshire did not only offer sunny, but also extraordinarily warm weather.

Such circumstances rose everyone’s spirits and encouraged to make the most of the week. Apart from the 20 lesson English course in the Cambridge Student Union Building, the participants enjoyed fun moments punting, being their own chauffeurs on the river Cam, visiting medieval St. John’s College, contemplating during Sung Eucharist in King’s College Chapel and walking the three miles to nearby picturesque Grantchester where cream tea sweetened Sunday afternoon. A night-time ghost walk through Cambridge’s hardly lit alleyways rounded the touristy experience in one of England’s most renowned college towns.

The odd shower hit the group exactly when they were on a Hop On Hop Off Bus Tour through London. Although this made it almost impossible for some to look at the sights along the route, most participants just laughed that meteorological adversity away. A boat trip on the Thames made up for the inconvenient bus tour. Also the rest of the London excursion was lovely again and during leisure time at Covent Garden the sun dried the last raindrops.

Very early in the morning of October 4th the group members took all their old and some newly purchased belongings and plenty of nice memories of the country that gave English to the world with them back home to Linz.                                                                                                                                                       Mag. Erich Hackl-Lehner

The language week in the students’ own words:


… is a wonderful and peaceful town. Even though we stayed for only a week, it felt like home. (Eva)

… I really liked Cambridge with all its old buildings. We spent our leisure time shopping or just strolling around in town (Max)

… the public transport system was a bit complicated. At first we didn’t know where the bus stops were but eventually we worked out how it works (Ines)

The host families:

… really charming, tasty food, cute daughters, cute puppy, a floor to ourselves (Miriam)

… we felt accepted as family members and enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere at the dinner table (Sissi)

… even though I’m a bit picky I liked all the meals (Pia)

The language course at ABC Languages:

… we went to school 4 times that week. Every day we had a different teacher. We talked about a lot of topics and most of the time it was a really interesting course. (Jana)

… the teachers were extremely friendly and interested in our stories. (Lina)

… the lessons were not very challenging … (Anna)

… and got a bit boring in the course of the week … (Thomas)

… the classrooms were chilly and actually too cold to spend an entire morning there (Anna) 

Additional activities in Cambridge:

… the walk to Grantchester was my favourite activity because of the scenic landscape and the relaxed atmosphere (Lina)

… punting was hilarious (Alina)

… we had excellent weather and punting was so much fun doing it on our own. (Elisabeth)

… we did self-hire punting. At first we felt a bit helpless. On the way back we nearly lost our pole – it had got stuck between the bridge above us and the muddy sands below us. After laughing and taking pictures we managed to go back and pick it up again. (Elisa)

… we were even allowed to go into the famous pub The Eagle and had a ginger beer (Eva)


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