Writing project 2010/2011 2b

01.01.2011 - 01.07.2012 | Kategorie: Englisch
Team: heurige 3b mit Prof. Jutta Habringer

Projektbetreuer Prof. Jutta Habringer
Mitwirkende heurige 3b

A knight story
Sir Floristan wanted to rescue Princess Peach, because the mad Neanderthals had kidnapped her. But he returned without the princess and reported his adventure to King Gnu: First I asked a witch, that came along the way, how to get there. The witch called Creech said, “Hehee! That’s easy! You only have to follow this path as far as the spooky castle. Then turn right, walk across the bridge, go through the dark woods, take the third right and walk past the old house of Duping. Now you can see the dragon’s gorge. There’s another little bridge. Walk across this bridge, too and you reach the primitive village of the Neanderthals.” I thanked the witch for her help and shouted, “Princess Peach - I’m coming!” After a five hour’s ride I arrived at the small town where the Neanderthals lived. Suddenly I saw Princess Peach, but – how awful – she was in chains. So I got really angry and attacked the first Neanderthal I met. The man was strong, but a little stupid, so I could play a trick on him. I said, “Wow! A flying human being!” The Neanderthal turned around to have a look and so I could slay him. The next fighter stumbled over the corpse of the first one. So it was easy to kill him, too. Suddenly a woman hit me from behind so that I saw stars. But then the dragon came and ate all the other Neanderthals. I was very happy, took the princess and wanted to ride back home. Then I realized that I had to walk home, because the silly dragon had eaten my horse, too. But finally I was lucky. I saw another horse, caught it and rode over the bridge, the princess behind me on the saddle. Suddenly the dragon came back and reached out for the princess. I wanted to take my sword, but it was a hot, in fact a really hot day and I was sweating a lot. My sword fell into the gorge and I couldn’t attack the dragon without a sword. So I had to flee without Princess Peach! After hearing that, King Gnu was infuriated with Sir Floristan and shouted, “You are so stupid! Even old Knight Kunibert with his gummy sword is a better knight than you are!” Five years later Sir Floristan became king and sent one of his knights to kill the dragon and save the princess. But it was a hot day – well, you have already heard the rest of the story.


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